Committed to the Perfect Finish

When you put as much effort as we do into building the perfect set of Cornhole Boards the finish makes all the difference.  It starts with only the highest quality finishing products.  We then take the time to apply several coats to the entire board, and then we take it  step further and apply an additional coat to the playing surface for just the right amount of slide during game play.

Our Signature Finish


We believe that when you build a product with this level of craftsmanship, a few details and a simple clear coat is ideal.  It allows you the user to truly appreciate a level of quality that is second to none.

At Harsh Board Crafters we have perfected the process of applying an even clear coat finish for highlighting our craftsmanship and providing the game with just the right amount of slide to your bags.

Our Signature Finish highlights the dimensions of the boards to improve accuracy during game play.

Unfinished Boards


If your the creative type and want to apply your own design or finish, we also offer our Craftsman Quality Boards perfectly sanded and unfinished.

No Sealer

No Top Coats

No Stain or Paint

A Blank Canvas lets you make a set of Harsh Boards your own.

Custom Painted or Wraps


We fully support the use of decals, logos, stencils, and full board wraps to customize your boards, you name it, we can design it.

Bang it here to contact us and get a pricing quote on your very own set of custom graphics for your set of Harsh Boards.