Rock Solid Construction. No Compromise.

Anybody with a piece of plywood and a few 2x4's can build a set of “Custom Cornhole Boards”.  Few have the know how to build "Craftsman Quality Cornhole Boards" the way that we at Harsh Board Crafters do.  All of our boards are produced in Lancaster County Pennsylvania by a skilled and experienced cabinet maker.  The same process and rigorous detail that goes into some of America's top custom kitchens cabinets is now applied to produce the most beautiful and durable Craftsman Quality Cornhole Boards on the Planet. See below how our craftsman and tailgater models are constructed.

Materials and Engineering

• We start with an AutoCad engineered rendering of our product, not an idea of the dimensions on a piece of scrap paper.

• We carefully hand select our entire stock of materials.

• Only the finest quality premium cabinet grade plywood is selected for the face of our boards.

• This makes for the perfect combination of strength and durability in a light weight portable package.

Rock Solid Construction

• We mitre our 5/4 x 3's and inlay the plywood inside the frame so that the edge of the plywood is not exposed to the wear and tear of the elements and normal use.

• We use a router on all edges and around the hole of each board for a high end finished look.

• We use both wood glue and screws to hold our joints together, this ensures years of durability.

• We secure the plywood in from the bottom not a screw through the top of the board, so when your bags hit the board that’s all they’ll be hitting..

• We take the time to hand press a score board into each set of boards.

• We sand our boards to perfection before we ever begin our sealing process.​


Portability and Storage


• Every piece of  wood, every piece of hardware, every joint , cut, and curve is predetermined so that our boards fit together like a glove for easy transport and storage.

• Simply fold the legs in, stack the boards on top of one another, and secure the latches on each end .

• Our handles let the cornhole boards be carried the same as a common piece of luggage.

​. The footrest at the bottom front of each board serves two purposes.  Not only does it insure regulation height and protect the board from the wear of touching the ground but it also prevents shifting when the boards are latched together for transport.






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