Humble Beginings

​      When Harsh Board Crafters first began this Journey my good friend Kory Freshwater and I started this business together, since then Kory has moved on to other ventures but his story of the founding of HBC will never change. Here is that story:


     My name is Kory Freshwater; I’d like to tell you how my buddy Joe Harsh and I started Harsh Board Crafters. 

​      It first started when my buddy Joe was laid off back in 2012.  For over a decade Joe had been a Master Craftsman Cabinet Maker at one of Lancaster Counties most prominent cabinet manufacturing companies.  For those of you who don’t know, Lancaster County Pennsylvania is world renowned for quality custom cabenitry.   Joe was one of the Master Craftsmen producing this cabinetry.  He has over a decade of experience producing very high tolerance quality finished products.  When Joe builds something, he builds a masterpiece.​

      One day, not long after he had been laid off, Joe and I were standing in my back yard playing on a set of home made cornhole boards.  I began telling Joe how much I like the game, and how I felt that I had yet to see the perfect set of cornhole boards produced.  We talked details such as portability, light weight build, yet sturdy to eliminate bounce, an Easy-Score Panel on each board, mitered framing boards to protect the plywood, routed edges, handles, etc...  After a good few hours of conversation, Joe said that he could build us the perfect set of boards.​

      A few days later, Joe sends me over a 3-D Engineered Blue Print for the production of the perfect set of boards discussed in our conversation.  I was blown away at the effort and game planning put into such a small project.  I agreed to buy the lumber and supplies, Joe agreed to make the boards.  Needless to say the final product was stunning.  I had never seen so much skill, time, and effort put into a set of Cornhole Boards.  It’s what led me to instantly start referring to his boards as “Craftsman Quality Cornhole Boards”.  YOU REALLY CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE!!!​

     It was a no brainer to suggest that we should go into business together to start manufacturing and selling these masterpieces.  Joe was worried about the price, as it simply costs more to build a set of Craftsman Quality Cornhole Boards than it does to build a standard set of cornhole boards one might find elsewhere.  I stated then and I firmly believe to this day; that people are willing to pay for quality.  If you build a product that is head and shoulders above the competition, people will appreciate your work and the sales will follow.  The late Steve Jobs built an empire on this concept.​

      Our brief history has proven me right, when somebody plays on a set of Harsh Boards they almost always request a set for themselves.  Which leads me to where we are today, recognized as one of the top cornhole board manufacturers in the entire industry!  If you can appreciate the time, skill, and detail it takes to build a Craftsmanship Quality set of Custom Cornhole Boards, I hope you will choose to do business with us.  As always, we at Harsh Board Crafters sincerely appreciate your business and thank you for your support.​


 ​Kory L. Freshwater


The Harsh Family, Jordan, Heather, Ryan and Joe